Carbon Bridge

Our Services

Carbon Bridge helps identify and develop good quality projects that reduce carbon emissions - by linking project proponents with quality technology providers, arranging finance and helping them create and optimise the volume and value of their potential carbon credits.

Carbon Bridge works closely with clients to undertake a range of services in the carbon market, including:

  • Assessing and advising on the potential and value of energy, waste and associated carbon resources

  • Connecting the most appropriate carbon partners to support the project developers goals

  • Facilitating carbon finance and underlying project finance;

  • Preparing Project Design Documents PDDs, including co-ordinating valuable community consultation sessions

  • Co-ordinating validation, verification and Host Country Approval

  • Verifiying carbon emission reductions for small projects outside the Kyoto market

  • Arranging the sale of carbon credits to optimise the value and impact of each project

  • Identifying unique and community orientated projects for voluntary and offset buyers

Click here for more information about our portfolio of carbon reduction projects.

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